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I imagine an Utopia of bright colors and I project myself inside of it, dreaming a happy world, a world of equality and justice, respectful of the differences of the intents of each. A world in which only the essence of being human has value, above all diversities, races, opinions, sexual orientations, intelligence. A world where the only meaningful characteristic is that of the soul, of the feelings of compassion. What I have loved often has disappointed me and, through a trip that only apparently follows the flow of the passive time, I have found the will to seek emotions from which to be reborn as a new person. The virtual world of the stroke, of the shape and of the color, with its music, achieves tangibility after inevitable beginnings that sculpt the soul striking it. Each stroke comes from the heart, understands the essence of the discomfort and of having to give life to the repressed emotions which, without fear, want to emerge.

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