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The Ectoplasms represent the inability of the individual to show his true identity. They are as forms of light they roam, wherever the boundaries between things are increasingly blurred, where there is no more empathy, where everything is possible and anything can be denied. They wander in a culture dominated by models and icons preformatted according instrumental needs, where a distorted evolution of values  forces them to hide the their Being putting it in conflict with the Appearance. Between the visible and the invisible, the Ectoplasms appear with Form of human figures, sometimes more distinct, sometimes evanescent, living the anguish of claiming one's appearance and personality, true and strong if covered by reality apparent, their Mask. It seems that you meet, it seems they have touch but in reality mingle with one another. Without uniqueness of reality, recite verses with different meaning for the speaker and the listener, no one knows if whatever that an Ectoplasm observes is the same as the other sees, self-awareness falls apart and everything takes place in a relativism where discomfort and inability to show theirs true aspect makes them like ghosts, everyone wandering in their size, with no possibility of emotional collision. Every relationship is indeterminate, the loneliness is pervasive, everyone is none.

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